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About the Website

Inspection of Optical elements (items) is important issue for approving their conformance to requirements in manufacturing, starting in design, continues in production and ends in delivering to the customer (inner or outer). There are many subjects dealing with inspection of optical elements and they are spread widely in standards, specifications, manufacturers' procedures and additional articles/report in internet Websites. Some of subjects are clear to all, others are complicated, and sometimes misunderstood or not acceptable by the users. 


In this website, I gather some important articles/reports from selected subjects, approved for use in my Website by their owners, so the intended user, mostly optics inspector and even optics designer can read and find the needed material. 

This is not a commercial website, meaning that even some articles/reports refers to some tool and its manufacturer, I do not recommend for any mentioned tool. It is the obligation of the intended user to buy the correct tool for his matter. I also do not recommend to use any of the procedures mentioned in the Website. It is also the obligation of the intended user to choose the best for him.

Everything in the Website is with permissions. If I made some mistake by putting some Website link of article/report without a permission and you see it, let me know about. If some reader or organization would like to add his article/report relevant to the subject in this Website, send it to me and I will be glad to do it.

This is also a place to thank all organizations and people that gave me the permission to put their material in this Website. Thank you!  

In the Website:

  • Glossary of Optical Terms and Definitions

  • Optics Specifications and Standards

    • U.S. Military Specification, Standards and Handbooks

    • Civilian Standards

  • Scratch & Dig

    • Dave M. Aikens

    • Matt Young

    • Additional articles/reports

    • Samples of scratches, digs and other damages on substrates and coatings

  • Cleaning and handling of optical elements

    • Cleaning and handling of optical elements - live

  • Adhesive problems of optical elements

  • Laser damages (LIDT or LDT)

  • Mounting optical elements

  • Safety aspects in optics

    • MSDS (or SDS)

    • LASERS 

  • Optical Surfaces

    • Test Plates and monochromatic light for flat and spherical surfaces

      • Testing optical surfaces with reference test glasses - live

    • Cylindrical Surfaces

    • Interferometric Methods for Testing Optical Surfaces 

    • Aspheric and Diffractive surfaces

      • Aspheric

      • Diffractive

  • Precision Glass Molding/Moulding (PGM)

    • Precision Glass Molding/Moulding (PGM) - Live

  • Quality aspects for optics

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