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Who Is Michael Hausner?

Michael Hausner was born in 1949 in Ukraine (former USSR republic) and immigrated to Israel with his parents and sister in 1959. In 1968 he graduated as technician/tool operator in technical school and in 1977 he graduated as Certified Senior Electrician by the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) - External Studies Section.  In 1990 Michael Hausner graduated as Certified Practical Electronics Engineer by "ORT Bialik" College and in 1996 he graduated as "Certified Quality Auditor" by "Standards Institution of Israel" (SII). In 2001 Michael Hausner graduated as "Senior Certified Teacher" by Practical Engineering School in the Technion.

Since 1984 Michael Hausner deals with two major occupations:

1) In Optics - inspection and tests of optical elements: incoming and at the source of production, audits of optical elements suppliers, writing procedures for optics inspection, handling of nonconformance optical elements and corrective actions, consulting and training inspection of optical elements,

2) In "Quality Assurance" - training "Quality Assurance" courses in different colleges (has more than 1500 training hours).

Michael Hausner is still working as Independent Optics Inspector and engaging other activities as described above at different companies in Israel.

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